Preparation of an Ester

Topics: Acetic acid, Ester, Sulfuric acid Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: August 25, 2012
Aim : To prepare an ester using reflux
Hypothesis : The equation was written out for the reaction and pentyl ethanoate was predicted as being the ester that would be formed. Equipment
* 10 ml pentanol| * condenser|
* 10 ml glacial acetic acid| * Heating Mantel|
* 1 ml conc. Sulfuric acid| * Funnel|
* 50 ml flask| * 15ml 1molL-1 Na2CO3|
* Boiling chips| * Seperating Funnel|
* Retort Stand| * Safety Glasses|

1. 10 ml of Pentanol,12ml of glacial acetic acid and 1ml of concentrated sulfuric acid were placed in a 50 ml flask. 2. Added afew boiling chips and assembled the refluxing apparatus as shown in the diagram below 3. Connected the tubing to the tap and condenser and turned on the water to a uniform flow 4. Heated the mixture on a heating mantel for approx. 30 mins and allowed to cool for 5 mins. 5. Carefully removed the flask and poured the content into a separating funnel containing 10-15 ml water.Shaked flask and allowed the layers to separate,drained off and discarded the lower aqueous layer. 6. Added approx.15 ml of 1mol/L Na2CO3 solution.Shaked,drained and discarded the lower layer leaving the ester in the separating funnel. Diagram :

Observations :
From our results,the ester we made produced a light banana smell. In this experiment for preparation of an ester as the alcohol used was pentanol and the acid used was glacial acetic acid, added conc.sulfuric acid a dehydrating agent used to remove the moisture, safety was a priority in this experiment as this were all highly poisonous,highly flammable and harmful to eyes and skin and hence proper eye protection, avoid contact with skin and clothes was suitable when using this substances .A heating mantel was used instead of a Bunsen burner as we were using highly flammable chemicals.Boiling chips were added to the flask to even out the boiling within the flask and water through the tube had to be kept running for...
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