Premarital Sex

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Teenagers these days are under a lot of pressure, whether it's school, jobs, relationship and friendship isssues. This is the moment when bad influences mostly get to them. They spend most of their time with their girlfriend or boyfriend and friends. Teenagers are all replicas of eachother. Their counselors are now the people they spend most time with who are also teenage kids, not adults, such as their parents or guardians. Their friends don't have much to offer as sound advice except for what they THINK should be correct not what really is. Premarital sex is a very big problem among teenagers now a days, because of the lack of rational advice. Pregnancies, diseases and emotional damages among teenagers because of the choice of Premarital sex instead of abstinence in Honduras are increasing more and more each year because no one is zealous to educate them correctly about sex and its consequences. Many teenagers dont even know what abstinence is ! Why is no one talking to them about it ? Well, just in case you are one of those many people who don't know, allow me to explicate. Abstinence is not having sexual intercourse nor sex play. All teenagers are able to abstain from sex, and even if they already did it they can choose to stop and wait. Teenagers should have responsible and experienced adults talk to them about all the things that can happen if they start having sex before they should. It's great that they know the risks of being sexually active, such as, pregnancy, diseases and emotional damages. They need to know the plain facts. It's very sad how in this coutry its very few of the parents that choose to have "the sex talk" with their teenage kids. It's also repugnant that schools choose to have no class what-so-ever especifically to inform their students about everything they should know about premarital sex. Because of these two things out of many, teenagers believe that there is nothing wrong at all about having sex and they end up having...
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