Prejudiced Has Prevailed

Topics: Sociology, African American, Abuse Pages: 4 (1317 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Prejudice has Prevailed
I believe that prejudice will always exist within America. As long as out-groups and competition exist, society will never be moved beyond prejudice. In the article “The Formation of Ingroups,” Gordon Allport, an American Psychologist, claims that Americans will always exist in in-groups. In addition, with in-group, implies the existence of some corresponding out-groups, where prejudice exists. Therefore, Allport’s outstanding point of view claims that prejudice will always exist if there is an out-group present because society will always judge and harass people who do not belong in their in-group. Today, famous English writer Vincent Parillo expresses his theory about why prejudiced acts will continue to exist. In addition, not only have I read prejudice articles and hate crimes toward an out-group, but I have experienced different types of hate crimes.

I think we will never surpass prejudice because prejudice is getting worse due to the existence of different group beliefs. Last year in Orlando Florida, Christian minister Terry Jones planned to burn copies of the Quran in observance of the 9/11 anniversary of the United States terrorist attacks. It was a sign of encouraging hate towards the Muslims. Society tends to think that most Americans are tolerant of the Muslim culture. Instead, the burning of the Quran damaged opportunities that Americans and Christians living in Muslim countries normally have to deepen relationships and added prejudiced acts. In connection, prejudice towards the Muslim religion and American Christians worsen because of their religious views. The 9/11 incident reminds us that there is no common ground with the controversy between Muslim and American religious groups. Therefore, because these two groups cannot accept each other, they set an example that prejudice will not end.

I also doubt that America will surpass prejudice because prejudice is learned, shown, and enforced at a youth age. Two years ago in...
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