Predicting a Firms Financial Distress

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Marketing environment scanning (SWOT, PEST analysis)
1. Marketing research
2. Buying behavior. Analysis of factors influencing to purchase decisions. 3. Market Segmentation.
4. Product Mix analysis
5. Strategic Planning

Gas and oil industry in Kazakhstan
SWOT Analysis

| | | |Strengths: |Weaknesses | | | | |Kazakhstan has the second largest oil reserves as well as the |Exporters of raw materials are more vulnerable owing to negative | |second largest oil production among the former Soviet republics |influences of a changeable conjuncture of the world market | |after Russia. The country also has large reserves of natural gas |Our industry are deprived the lion's share of the added cost which | |and production of both oil and gas is steadily increasing. |is received by industrially developed states importing and | |Kazakhstan has extremely favorable transit routes, so possesses |processing raw materials | |good geographical position |Damage environment | |The state gives proper attention on developments of oil sector, |Oil and gas should be extracted in district with sharply | |which gives preferences |continental climate, with huge temperature differences, or in a | |The aggravating situation in the oil countries of the Near East and|shallow gulf which five months in a year is covered by moving ices.| |the North Africa, as well as possible plays into the hands of |Big concentration of black oil | |Kazakhstan | | | | | |Opportunities: |Threats | | | | |The Government of Kazakhstan is pursuing a development program for |World crisis can cause falling of the prices for oil, which | |oil fields in the Caspian Sea that calls for increasing offshore |influence on income | |oil production to about 3 million bpd by 2015, for development of |Possibility growth of export deliveries of the Iraq oil | |terrestrial infrastructure. The offshore development program also |Transport restrictions from Russia do vulnerable export of | |calls for more than 100 offshore blocks to be privatized through |Kazakhstan to Europe | |open tenders. |Recession can reduce foreign investment, which cause on technical | |Depth of oil refining not below 90 %; |development of industry | |Manufacture of products which on quality corresponds to the world | | |standards; | | |The Decision of...
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