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Topics: Federal government of the United States, United States Congress, Washington, D.C. Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Précis 3
Nicholas Kristof, in his article “The Healers of 9/11” (September, 11, 2010), asserts that there is a better way to respond to terrorist attacks like the example set by women who have made “the most unexpected and inspiring American response to the 9/11 attacks.” Kristof supports this assertion by illustrating the example of Susan Retik, a Jewish woman who lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks, who is recruiting members of the mosque to join her battle against poverty and illiteracy in Afghanistan” instead of “planning to remember the day with hatred”, comparing the responses of Retik and Quigley, who “turned to education and poverty-alleviation projects”, to that of the U.S. government, who “reacted to the horror of 9/11 mostly with missiles and bombs, detentions and waterboarding”, and by “reflecting the moral and mental toughness that truly can chip away at terrorism.”His purpose is to inform the audience that by responding positive to a violent act we are eliminating evil instead of creating more of it as if we were to respond negatively. He constructs a formal relationship with his audience of people affected by the attacks who are feeling hatred towards the terrorist and to people who are facing other violent acts in order to show us that we can truly change the world if we focus on doing more good things than bad things even in the worst situations.

Précis 4
Thomas L. Friedman, in his article “Naked Air” (December 26, 2001) argues that “America’s core problem today is a free society that is based on openness and on certain shared ethics and honor codes to maintain order” that we are now “connected to too many societies that do not have governments that can maintain order and to peoples who have no respect for our ethics or our honor codes.” Friedman supports this by pointing out under what circumstances the 9/11 attacks happened, using examples of issues in buying electronic tickets by answering question electronically, and by claiming that...
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