Pre Punk Music

Topics: Punk rock, Sex Pistols, New York Dolls Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Pre- punk music started with the band group called “velvet underground” with a song called Venus in furs in 1967 . Personally the group was uninteresting and leaning more on the dark side . The music was very raw and noisy . Some other band groups of that time were also Mc 5 in 1968, they came out with the song “kick out the jams” . These pre-punk bands has set an example for the the bands to come . These bands exemplify being wild and energetic and the music itself was usually quick and short .

One of the most interesting band we learned about were the “New York Dolls” . In 1973 they came out with a single called “personality crisis” in which indeed they really seem like there was a personality crisis within the group . The group dressed in very flamboyant clothing and very glamorous . They were very simple and raw . The lead singer voice was monotone , there behavior was very out of control . Some examples of this wild behavior was when the lead singer would jump into the crowd , dance around on the stage .

Although pre-punk didn't have most of my interest , punk did . The band that caught my attention was “the sex pistol ”that formed in 1975. Punk in Britain focused in political change . Due to the bad economy there was high-end unemployment . Many of the punk band began to create songs that related to the anti-authority and rebellion . The song “anarchy in the UK” was my most liked song from the Sex Pistols.

The next level of punk was created it was called British Ska . The beats itself consist of ska with punk. It was the new wave of music. My all time favorite punk band is ‘The police”, Some songs they sang was “Cant stand losing you and Roxanne .
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