Pre-Modern China and Opium Wars

Topics: Opium Wars, Opium, Qing Dynasty Pages: 4 (1233 words) Published: May 15, 2013
After watching the video
Legitimacy to the Qing
* Increased China’s size
* Safety assured
* Population triples, 120 to 300 million >
1. Malthusian Trap
2. Unemployment, leads to crime, drug abuse especially Opium, this drug is not made in China, the son of Kangxi had decided that they would not make opium illegal, but they had forbid its use in non-medical use. 3. Bad Weather, it is not the people’s fault but it is important given that if the government do not spend money to develop farming they have a bad time, but if the money only goes to the people in the government it is very bad. * Trade Surplus, inflow silver, through the 18th Century it imports more silver than what it exports * Low Taxes, no one was able to raise

* Adopted Chinese ways
* Emperors’ long lives

Until 1784 with the White Lotus Rebellion, there was no rebellion. There is a productivity ceiling in pre-modern China, and with overpopulation a problem comes when they don’t have enough food for everyone. But you can get out of it by increasing the productivity and this leads to industrialization. During the 1780, 90 around the 1800 the first famines arrived and in the 1780’s the environment went crazy and the conditions were very bad at that time. TERMS TO KNOW

* Lay-Osborn Flotilla
* Wengxiang
* Robert Hart + Imperial Maritime Customs
* Prince Gong
* Tongzhi
* Zeng Guofang
* Li Hongzhong
* Zuo Zongtang
* Zongli Yamen
* Heshen

A benevolent emperor must not poison its people and opium is poison. Opium leads to:
* Outflow of Silver
* Economic Distortions
* Corruption
There is a lot of bribery since the Chinese merchants took bribes from the British merchants in order to get the product in China illegally. There is inflation, due to the concentration of a lot of silver in a single place (Guangdong Province) and the low amounts of silver everywhere else, at the same time of the Malthusian trap, so...
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