Pre-Marital Sex

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  • Published: March 13, 2013
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Pre-Marital Sex/Fornication
Since almost everything in today’s times can be achieved in an instant, the advancements which helped in achieving an easy life promoted a no more sweat to catch lifestyle and so people’s way in dealing with daily life and relationships also come in just a snap and some things, even the most delicate, sacred and intimate like achieving pleasure is the same as cooking instant noodles. Some of us might wonder why such things, even forbidden in our society is in reality existing and is rapidly becomes the core issue especially with teenagers. The truth is how much we deny ‘sex’, it is still one of the controversial and mostly undeniable topics and it’s all because, even teenagers are actively engaged on it. We call it as “Pre-marital sex” because it is done outside marriage and we know that this is not morally right but how come in a recent survey conducted by Jeremy and his colleges,” The last one hundred years have witnessed a revolution in sexual behaviour. In 1900, only 6% of US women would have engaged in premarital sex by the age of 19, compared to 75% today. Public acceptance of premarital sex has reacted with a lag; in 1968 only 15% of women had a permissive attitude towards the act, despite the fact that about 40% of 19 year-old females had had premarital sex. The number with a permissive attitude had jumped to 45% by 1983, a time when 73% of 19 year olds were sexually experienced”… and worldwide, about 47% are actively engaged in pre-marital sex. Is it all because of the influences that are brought about by the TV, magazines, and free porn videos on the internet or is it just the curiosity of the young people’s mind? Is the moral law will weigh heavier than the world’s modern eyes?

The modern world provides so much window’s for the introduction of sex among young people and this factors are seemed to be really that effective because pre-marital sex have greatly change the way modern people used to see it. Pressure which...
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