Pragmatic Critisim

Topics: Literary criticism, Literature, Literary theory Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Pragmatic Criticism seems to come first in the order line of literary criticisms for the reason being, the reader. The reader has the ability to interpret the idea that the author has incorporated within the piece of writing and look at the piece in a new point of perspective. He/she is capable of understanding the moral criticism, which is also incorporated, and take the moral of the writing into a different meaning whether it is opposite to the author’s intentions of precisely correct. In a great piece of literature there is a moral of the story, the author’s intentions are dragged throughout the book and looked at in a very unique way. In addition to the morality of a book, there is the rhetorical criticism involved within a piece of writing. The reader finds to what extent it persuades him/her, in connection with the morality of the book. In some cases a reader is capable of being traumatized if the actions taking place contained by the literature and yet sometimes sense the reason of why the author chose that way of symbolism. In connection to how the different emotions and thoughts occurring within the reader take place. Impressionism deals with the readers’ notion of the book and impressionism can give a great deal of confusion, mystery and agony to the reader.

Reader-response branches of the idea of impressionism and goes into the statement of feeling that are acquired at that given moment. The question as to what it means to you tackles the readers’ emotions into a state of wonder and sometimes confusion relating back to the morality of the piece. This response brings out a key point in the authors writing that many do not recognize at first. Because of the reader-response, the readers’ are able to connect with one another and share their interpretations pertaining to the piece of literature. Others, however, can contradict the idea of a morality within a story. Post-structuralism, mainly deconstructionism can often occur to a reader when reading a...
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