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Topics: Management, Skill, Learning Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Hello everyone my name is xyz and today I will present you my personal development plan.My future goal is to have my own business like a travel agency but to get there I need to develop more skills which will help me to achieve my goal. First one is time management which will help me to take control over my work.Time management is very important and essential in a leading position, improving these skill will help me to achieve my goal, to set priorities to create an overview on my tasks to communicate better to develop my creativity and to adapt better to the changes made all the time. Learning action which I will take to achieve this is: working backwards from deadlines, orientate for important activities, make a ‘to do list’ ,set clear objectives for each area professional and personal. Date for achievement is starting from today, daily.

Second gap which I need to improve is communication skill this will help to communicate better with my employees and to find a professional way to make me understood by everyone.Also will help me to express my ideas and views clearly, confidently and concisely. Learning action which I will take to achieve this is to read a book ‘How to improve communications skills’ Date for achievement is June 2013.

Third skill which I need to improve is commercial awareness will help me understand how organisations work and what makes them successful. Learning actions which I will take to achieve this is to research books on economy,read Financial Times,watch relevant TV programs such as BBS’s Business Lunch ,Question Time. Date for achievement is start from today ,daily.

The forth one but not last is to improve my leadership skills. With this skill I can set the tone for my business and inspire employees to follow my words and actions also can help me to manage effectively my business and placing her in the best position to achieve success. Learning action which I will take to achieve this is to take extra projects outside my job...
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