Powerful Ways of Widening Vocabulary

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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TS: I have learned four simple ways on which we can expand our vocabulary.

I. Exercise wide independent reading.
A. Through books
B. Through magazines
C. Through newspapers
II. Keep tools for learning vocabularies handy.
A. Such as pocket dictionaries
B. Such as thesauruses
C. Such as vocabulary notebooks
III. Create a deep interest in word consciousness and awareness. A. By engaging in word play
B. By exercising the a “word-a-day” routine
C. By developing social interaction
IV. Apply the word learning strategy.
A. By carefully looking at the word: deciding how to pronounce it B. By looking around the word for context clues
1. Looking within the sentence
2. Rereading previous sentences
3. Reading ahead for more context clues
C. By looking in the word for prefixes and suffixes, base words, and root words that might offer clues D. By making your best guess at the word’s meaning
E. By making your dictionary as your last result

English 101
February 28, 2012
Powerful Ways of Widening Vocabulary

According to Randall Hansen, expanding my knowledge and use of words enables me to communicate (speak and write) more clearly and concisely, makes people understand me more easily, and increases the perception (and reality) that I am an intelligent person. I believe this is true because I have seen and know people, such as my teachers and friends, who discuss in class and talk to me effectively. Now why is vocabulary knowledge important? Why must we improve on this? Well, do we want to communicate effectively too? In my opinion, we must know that vocabularies are the greatest tools we can use to succeed not only during our academic and educational life, but also generally in life. With this, we must accept the fact that if we only have a limited vocabulary, we cannot understand new ideas and concepts more quickly like people who have large vocabularies. With this, I am going to share...
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