Power of Real Women vs. Power of Elizabeth Bennet

Topics: Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet, Fitzwilliam Darcy Pages: 4 (1552 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Power of Real Women vs. Power of Elizabeth Bennet
Elizabeth Bennet is a remarkable young woman due to her self confidence, which allows her intelligence to shine through, making her less trapped than the other young women in the novel, Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth is able to fulfill the traditional expectations of a woman without losing her opinionated nature and strong sense of self. In the 1800s, a woman’s main priority was to find a man to marry, and be his loyal wife. What makes Elizabeth different from these women is her resistance against succumbing to the act of marriage, because this would put her self-reliance and freedom at risk. Elizabeth Bennet’s character is a symbol of female power and independence but she contradicts the little freedom real women of the nine-teeth century possessed by challenging society’s standards. Jane Austen herself was a real woman of the nine-teeth century who had to face the restrictions her gender bestowed upon her. Being an author gave Austen the power to voice her personal opinion through her works, such as Pride and Prejudice. According to an article by F.B. Pinion, entitled A Jane Austen Companion, Jane had four brothers ,but resided with her mother and sister. With the three women living at home, there was not much of an income, so they were not seen as wealthy but middle class. In Pride and Prejudice men, with all their money and advantages are not seen as powerful, but the most powerful figure is an unmarried middle-class woman without a fortune. This woman is Elizabeth Bennet whose character’s lifestyle is very similar to her creator Jane Austen.

Men of the 1800s had many things women did not. They were granted access to paying work. Men were allowed access to inheritance, and most of all men had independence. Women never had independence because their only option was to be dependent on a man. A well educated man could reach high places in the economic world, but it would not do the same for a well...
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