Power Essay - Lord of the Flies and Related Texts

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazism, Propaganda Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: March 6, 2013
wHow has your understanding of power been shaped by ‘Lord of the Flies’, one Stimulus text and one text of your choosing Power is a multi-faceted theme that is present in society and is continually being explored through different text types. ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding, ‘Sunday in the Park’ by Bel Kaufman and Nazi Propaganda Poster ‘Long Live Germany’ has all shaped my understanding of power with its inclusion of themes such as totalitarianism and the powerlessness of Intellectual power against physical strength. This had left me to believe that physical strength and absolute control are the stronger forms of power and will act as a more successful way of government. Intellectual power is often rendered powerless against physical superiority as represented by Jack and his followers. Piggy, a symbol of Intellectual power in the allegoric novel ‘Lord of the Flies,’ is often outspoken when with the rest of the company due to his physically powerless state. Throughout the novel, Piggy’s “specs,” a representation of his intellectual power, are often stolen by Jack whom Piggy admits as a “stronger” person. With Piggy having trouble to safeguard his only valuable source of power, the specs – and therefore the fire, highlights Piggy’s powerlessness against Jack’s more forceful nature. During the assemblies, Piggy’s metaphorical voice, embodied by the conch, is always being smothered by other stronger members of the island who tell him to “shut up”. Unlike Jack who “nobody minded” to speaking “against the rules”, Piggy is only able to reply with polite placid comments such as “they ought to be quiet”; this shows Piggy’s beliefs in fairness, and as a result, his voice is often forcibly overridden by others. With the valuable commodity of fire so easily obtained by Jack and his “tribe,” as well as Piggy’s loss of voice against other authorities, it leads me to believe that physical power is far more superior to the more peaceful intellectual authority...
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