Poverty in the World

Topics: Poverty, Africa, United States Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Poor in the World
The word poor, or poverty, is eminent but the cause may not be much known. According to the Census, almost 50 million Americans live in poverty today and is estimated 1.2 billion people live on less than $1.25 today. Why is this number so high? Why is there poverty in the world at all? The central reason for poor in the world is greed. Most historians would argue that the selfish desire for something is the lack of resources. The United States has more than enough resources necessary but the problem with us that we do not settle for ‘just enough’. A major factor that plays into this is what we don know, is that all resources we have are limited. If there were no intense yearning for power, wealth, or food, poverty in this world would diminish all together.

Poverty has always been around. Well, why can’t everyone be satisfied with wealth? Because people are lazy! Some may have a lack of education, there is not enough work opportunities, and some people are born into poverty. There is more poverty in third world countries than in our world because there are not enough opportunities. Not enough opportunities equals not enough money. In our society, if you have no money you have no chance at living life the ‘right way’. In the French revolution, the capital would give power to the commoners. This contributed to poverty because the idea of power equaled wealth.

Greed is not something immoral. Every human being has greed in them. We all want to be more powerful, better-looking, and wealthier than the next person in line and will take anything in order to get it. The

There is always going to be poor people in the world because resources are limited and people are greedy.
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