Poverty in Africa

Topics: Africa, Western Europe, Third World Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: June 3, 2011
What is the best solution to fight poverty in Africa
There are many factor to consider in determining the best solution to fight poverty in Africa. Most Africa countries are regarded as third world countries. These are countries characterized by low per capita income, low industrialized economy, low technology development and so on. Despite the indisputable abundance of diverse mineral resource, favorable climate condition and rich soil for cultivation of various agricultural produce. Africa is still suffering from all manners of food shortage, joblessness and severe economic depression. What then is the most suitable solution to this dilemma facing Africa?. The First world countries and the host of all concerned advanced countries have presume aid is the solution to African problem. Therefore, Aid in different types and sized has been given to Africa but we all know the outcome of such action. The aid has not led to any improvement or whatsoever because it has ended in the wrong hands of the leader who are not better than another worse set of problem of the highest order for Africans. Constantly there are different ``advertisement´´ on the television in form of news making us aware that the Western countries are making effort towards improving the conditions of Africans. This is not the solution. To the best of my best Knowledge, I will recommend few options below that I believe will be much more effective in combating the poverty in Africa than Aid. The first and most important solution to fighting poverty in Africa is education. As simple as it seems, the majority of Africa population has little or no education at all. Education is very important in every society. It improves the earning capability of the population and help them to be able to make good decision which will affect their life and their offspring for good. In Economics, it is known that the quality of labor depends on the level of education which will improve productivity and helps them earn...
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