Poultry Rearing.

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Poultry Farming
Contract poultry farming is when a company and a farmer decide to produce breeders, broilers, turkeys, quail or commercial laying hens by signing a contract between them. This arrangement has been successful for over 50 years and is one of the most secure and financially successful forms of agricultural production. Success is achieved when both entities do their part to achieve maximum performance from the birds. The company furnishes the feed that has been formulated by professional nutritionists to satisfy all the performance needs of the birds.

A prospective poultry producer is expected to furnish and maintain the best possible housing, equipment and daily management to assure maximum performance. Marketing needs may change your types of production such as sizes of the birds. The industry produces small birds for Cornish hens, very large birds for deboning and all sizes in between. Cooperation by the companies and poultry producers will help both be successful. Below are some facts that may help you decide if poultry farming is for you. Poultry Houses

1. A contract to grow poultry must be made with a poultry company before building any poultry houses.
2. Property should be located where access to the complex facilities – feed mill, processing plant, hatchery etc. – is relatively easy.
3. Poultry houses must conform to industry standards and may vary from company to company.
4. Poultry house equipment must conform to industry standards and may vary as well.
5. Poultry house locations are regulated by the S.C. DHEC
6. The areas around the poultry buildings must be able to accommodate feed trucks, catch and haul equipment and other traffic.
7. Size and number of houses will be decided upon with the poultry company before any construction.
8. If you are considering purchasing an existing poultry operation, the company that you will be growing for needs to visit the property along with you to determine if it is suitable for...
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