Pothole and Roads

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  • Published : November 29, 2010
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Ever took a drive around Fayetteville? Avoiding pothole is a challenge these days. Driving down 71st and School these days is a nightmare. Repaving the roads in Fayetteville would be a big investment in many ways, not only would it improve the towns look, but it would also make it safer for the community members to drive on the roads. Fayetteville community members will be those in the end to put out the money for these potholes because they do damage to car. As “Experts say damaged roads lead to damaged cars, so motorists collectively end up paying millions of dollar to repair their cars, all because some cities aren’t spending the money to repair their roads” (Leamy and Weber, Par. 15). According to Midweek “Ball estimates that most pothole damage runs between $800 and $1,200 for repairs, which will always include new parts and front-end alignment.” (Pelusa, par.18) As Joe Platt puts it, “We should not have to pay one more penny for our roads” (Letters to the Editor, Letter 2), which is understand able in time like these, but sadly the statistics show that we will put more money out in damage repair on our car then we would be putting out in taxes. “Hitting pothole have ‘a very large and harsh impact on out car, and over time it really going to do some damage.’” (Leamy and Weber, Par. 14) Fixing our road would save the city of Fayetteville from a possible lawsuit of any kind, these potholes is a danger to the members of this town. “…the state of California paid $1 million to the family of a San Francisco motorcyclist who died after hitting a pothole” (Leamy [and Weber, Par. 10). Also, in the state of Indiana a woman suffered serve head injuries after hitting a pothole (Leamy and Weber, Par. 10). This goes to show that this can happen to a Fayetteville community member as well, and this alone should make cities want to repave the roads. “Sometimes, though, your vehicle just can’t protect you from serious accidents when hitting a nasty pothole.”...
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