Positivity Is Contagious

Topics: Emotion, Debut albums, Feeling Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: May 14, 2013
I Believe that Positivity is Contagious

In a silent room, with limited desks of grey; you sit among others, anxiously waiting, as the constant sound of ticking warns you the time of testing is near. The person beside you, rapidly taps the end of his pencil, and bites his nails. You begin to sweat uncontrollably, fearing you would bomb this assessment. The pressure is on. As you try to reassure yourself, you raise your head acknowledging a joyful girl walks in and takes her seat. She glows of confidence, and wears bright color. Her eyes sparkle with ambition, and a beautiful smile is created upon her lips. Suddenly, a certain ease, germs in this awkward environment of stressed students. Her simple self happiness, brought the others to their own confident state. The time has come, pencils are at the ready. And you are no longer nervous, as you begin to write. This is a perfect example of how Positivity is Contagious. When we think of positivity, we immediately picture someone smiling, or acting in a generous manor. But this feeling can be as simple as the self comfort we get from a friend. When you are positive, other react positive around you. They feed off of your energy, and in return, there positive themselves. Positivity can take you far in life; on the first day of work, or meeting a friendly stranger. Its best we don't start our day with negative thoughts, that later on in the day, can affect on how we interact with others. But a simple hello, or a gesture of kindness, can bring a good feeling to not just ourselves, but for that other person. Need more.... well another example is how a classrooms mood depends on the teacher. Someday’s, a teacher can enter the classroom, in a great mood, and the class miraculously respond with positivity. But when in a bad mood, it’s surprising how miserable the students are aswell. We all feel this connection with friends or strangers. We can spot a depressed person in a crowded room, by their body language or how...
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