Positives and Negatives

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All people in this world are different. They feel differently and have different skills. Even though they have different skills, strengths and weaknesses, there will be some ones common amongst the people. Likewise, some of my strengths and weaknesses might be similar to that of my friends, parents, relatives, people around the world and some not. That is how we are made. Although, strengths and weaknesses isn’t a permanent thing. It can be worked on and can be improved and polished. I am a very cheerful, caring and loving person who never fails to smile everyday. I tend to remain happy most of the time and believe smile is one of the greatest gift given to us. When we give a smile, it might blossom the rest of the day of another person. Moreover, I am an optimistic person who likes to work hard and always believes if we work hard enough, nothing is impossible to achieve. I like to be confident and think of myself as a quick learner. Without confidence, achieving our goals, targets is very difficult. I am a frank, unselfish, team player with the driving power and willingness to learn and face challenges. These are some of the strengths I believe I have in me. Talking about some of my weaknesses, I sometimes get very emotional which affects my day to day life. Also, I feel that I am sensitive to my criticisms. When this happens, I sometimes become short-tempered. My another weakness is that in some cases, I tend to underestimate myself which is one of my biggest weakness I believe so far. Although I have my strengths and weakness, there are some strengths I believe I would like to polish and some weaknesses I would like to improve. First of all, I am confident but in some cases, I might tend to be nervous. I would very much like to improve that and remain confident all of the time, though never be overconfident. I work hard but sometimes, I get distracted and affects my work. I would...
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