Positive Discrimination Towards Women in Society

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Positive discrimination towards women in society is justified. No because…
Discrimination is never 'positive'. In a civilized society, it is not exceptable to treat people differently, on the basis of gender. Furthermore, the claim of women having a "disadvantaged status" is preposterous. A quick examination of our laws and societal practices shows that women have an incredibly advantaged status. They are not required to register for the draft[1], like men are. They have a government council devoted solely to them[2] [3], whereas men do not. They have female-only scholarships and grants[4], whereas men do not. They have shelters to escape domestic violence[5], whereas men do not. They are protected from circumcision by law[6], whereas men are not. Their names are hidden when they accuse others of several kinds of crimes, whereas men are not[7]. If anyone is disadvantaged, it's men. Men are 80% of suicides[8], 40% of colleges students[9], 40% of degree earners[10], 80% of the homeless[11], 80% of the layed off[12], and 92.7% of the job deaths[13]. Men are more likely to die from every major cause of death[14], and yet there exists no amount of medical funding and research for them, on par with that of women. And this is to say nothing, of the blatant discriminations, under the law, that men suffer, as mentioned above.

Positive discrimination towards women should not be allowed

Women shouldn't be subject to positive discrimination because they are as capable as men are at succeeding in society. International law also states that men and women are both equal in right therefore positive discrimination is in direct breach of this. Even given the best of intentions, discrimination based on ascribed rather than achieved characteristics is unjust Not true equality…

If men and women are truly equal, there shouldn't be a need for a particular legislation to classify them as such. Laws are inherently complicated and the wording can be interpreted in a variety of ways. If we propose to legislate 'equality' rights for women, that could have the negative effect of restricting the rights as lawyers examine the legislations finding alternate interpretations. Ending up in constricting rights that is already given in general laws applying equally to every man woman and child in this country. Positive discrimination serves little purpose, women shouldn't need a specific set of laws telling them what they can do, if they truly believe they are equal to men in every way. The basic laws such as Human Rights Act 1998 should be sufficient.

Will Cause Resentment Between Men and Women

Positive discrimination is seen as favouring one over the other, the other side will harbor resentments and jealousy. Women and men need to work together in society; and, they can't do so with such hostility between them. Such steps will engender a feeling of despair in men, when they are treated as less that of women. They will resent women, particularly for attempting to justify the discriminations against them. In no way, shape, and form could biases against men, contribute to a healthy society, nor will they mend any problems we have now. On the contrary, they would make relations between the genders far more problematic than they already are. As for your question, about my origins, I'm from Mars, if you're from Venus.

It does not address the underlying issues
well actually if the women of today are given jobs on the basis of positive discrimination, their daughters(and sons) have greater motivation and probability for getting jobs. Working/educated mothers have better chances of educated/working children. Schools set up just to educate girls are a form of positive discrimination. Positive discrimination is merely a 'stop-gap' measure. It only helps women in the 'end result' ie getting a job - it doesn't address why they might not be having the access to these opportunities in the first place....
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