Positive and Negative Descriptive Essay

Topics: Pasta, Water, Cooking Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Positive Description:
One of the greatest things in the world is sitting down at the table and seeing a huge plate piled with Spaghetti. When it is cooking, it easily fills the house with the scent of warm tomatoes and other Italian spices. There are so many different ways to make spaghetti sauce, but the best of all is a homemade recipe passed down through generations of Italians. However, the actual noodle plays a big role in the scrumptious dish. When these pale, yellowish noodles are done cooking, the only thing left to do is pour that delicious sauce on them. Children have a great time trying to slurp and gobble up the slippery noodles, while the parents try to keep the ever staining red sauce off their faces. Negative Description:

Cooking spaghetti is a long and tiring process. One might think all you do is boil water, put the noodles in, and slap some sauce on top. But to get the best tasting sauce, it has to be homemade. And after spending all the time to make that special sauce, there is still more waiting to do. Time must pass slower when waiting for water to boil. When it finally does, putting the spaghetti noodles in takes time to ensure that the noodles get cooked evenly and thoroughly. And as the noodles are finishing the cooking process they must be strained of all that oily water. If the sauce isn’t put on right away then the long, thin noodles turn into clumped up blobs of spaghetti. Now is the good part; the time to eat the masterpiece! White shirts almost always attract some stray splatters of the dark, red sauce. Spaghetti sauce is like a stubborn child that never wants to go away! It will stay on that shirt and dish until some hard scrubbing is done. And in the end, all that hard work was done for just a little taste of Italy. Self-Reflection:

The hardest challenge I faced in writing this description was negatively describing something that I love and enjoy. Being from a very Italian family, I learned how to make spaghetti when I was...
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