Position Paper: the Importance of Engagement Within a Workforce

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Position Paper
The two articles and the recording all relate through giving helpful suggestions on employee engagement. Each gave different responses and examples on how to perform engagement in an organization. From friendly “thank you’s” to video blogs, engagement within an organization has become popular. Also learning the personalities of others and their work ethic bring great achievement within a company. Engagement brings successful results, because when people feel appreciated they will work harder.

Article One: The Meaning of Employee Engagement—William H. Macey & Benjamin Schneider
Employee engagement means “ambiguous among both academic researchers and among practitioners who use it in conversations with clients.”(Macey &Schneider, 3) The term is a psychological expression through interactions with people: character traits and social behaviors. Employee engagement, through psychological ideas, divides in three different parts: psychological state engagement, behavioral engagement, and trait engagement. Through these three parts of employee engagement, there is a natural up rise of leadership skills.

Human resource has been the start of employee engagement. Through customer first attitudes, to giving advice and seeking authentic information for the people, human resources have created a way for customers to receive satisfying answers quickly. HR has birthed the process and importance of employee engagement.

Psychological state engagement is the focus of employee happiness and satisfaction. It is stated in the article that engagement and satisfaction are connected because in order to have clear concept of how to engage there must be an understanding of how to satisfy those involved. To have engaged employees work enthusiastically there must be satisfaction within an employee’s job. Even though many believe satisfaction is not enough to completely engage, the writers of this article stress that satisfaction should be used.

Behavioral engagement is important to observe because it represents the attitudes and personalities of the employees. Understanding each employee and the ways each works, handle situations, cope with criticism, etc. all show behaviors that are important to the organization. Some employees maybe engaged more than other employees, but all employees are capable of getting a job done. It is important to not expect every employee to be involved and engaged in the same way. Everyone behaves differently within his or her environment. Engagement is a proactive behavior and an individual ingenuity.

Trait engagement focuses on the significance of characterizing the employees through observation and interaction. The character traits of the employees make up the character traits of the company. The article reflects on three personalities: proactive, conscientiousness, and autotelic. A proactive personality is solely focused on the work ethic and the rewards that distinguish their accomplishments. Performance is very important to a proactive behavior. Conscientiousness as a trait engagement is the inclusion of industrious and order. These people can be characterized as “hard working, ambitious, confident, and resourceful.”(Macey &Schneider, 20) Those of this character trait would fall under the proactive category. Lastly, the autotelic personality as a trait engagement is when people perform duties on their own without having someone to influence them to do so, and they also do this without expecting a reward. They are open to new challenges and they are very creative in making their own ideas come to life.

Psychology and communication relate in employee engagement. Understanding the behaviors of others can help in the way communication is used. It is important to know how to communicate with different personalities. Knowing how will bring success in multiple situations.

Article Two: “Playing to Win”—Jim Shaffer
During an economic recession, it is important to have increasing...
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