Position Paper: Hunger

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October 5, 2012/Position Paper
English 10

Thesis Statement: The government should make the education more accessible to alleviate hunger.

I. Hunger in the Philippines
II. Cause of Hunger
A. Poverty in the country
B. Unemployment in the country
C. Incapability in acquiring quality education
III. Accessible education for all people as solution in alleviating hunger

Menu for the Day: Education for All People
One major problem in our world today is hunger. Let us use Philippines as an example. In the latest survey of Social Weather Stations (SWS), 23.8 % of Filipinos or estimated as 4.8 million Filipinos experience hunger at least once in past three months. This latest hunger rate surpassed the highest record of 23.7 % in December 2008. (Flores, pars. 1-3) This only shows that a lot of people experiences hunger in our country right now. What could be the probable causes of this?

Let us discuss each probable cause one by one using statistics. One evident cause I see for this is poverty. In another survey conducted by SWS, 51 % or estimated 10.3 million Filipino households considered themselves poor, lower by 4 points from 55 % or 11.1 million families in March. Also stated in the survey, about 39 % or about 7.9 million Filipino families rated themselves “food-poor”, lower by six points from 45% or 9.1 million previously. (Flores, pars. 1-3) Even though we can see improvements in the rates, it is still not enough to say that we are alleviating it. Another cause I see is unemployment. In a survey by National Statistics Office (NSO), the unemployment rate dropped to 6.9 % compared to last year’s 7.1 %. The poll showed that Metro Manila registered the highest unemployment rate at 10.4 percent. Among the jobless, 62.3 percent are male and 37.7 are female. More than half—51.7 percent—are between 15 to 27 years old. Among educational groups, 32.8 percent—or almost a third—of the unemployed are high school graduates, 13.8...
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