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Did you know that a posada is one of the biggest celebrations that takes place in Mexico? A posada is a celebration that has been going on for years. I am going to talk to you about 3 main things about posadas. First of all I am going to talk to you about what a posada is. Secondly I am going to talk about when and where the posadas are celebrated. And thirdly about the importance of this topic.

First of all im going to talk about what a posada is. A posada is a Traditional party that is held each night in a neighborhood home. According to Steven Hicks in the article Celebrate the posada in mexico It is a reenactment of the journey Joseph and Mary took to find shelter before the birth of their child, Jesus. At night people gather outside the house with children dressed as shepherds, angels and most importantly, Mary and Joseph. After the people divide into two groups known as the “pilgrims” and the “Hosts”. The "pilgrims" sing a song asking for shelter, and the hosts sing a reply denying them shelter, at the end the hosts open the doors to the guests and offer them hot ponche, fried rosette cookies known as buñuelos, tamales and other foods. At the end the party ends with a piñata in the shape of the Christmas star.

Secondly I am going to talk about when and where the posadas are celebrated. The posadas are mainly celebrated in Mexico and other parts of Central America. Such as: El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras. To this day Las posadas is a tradition that still continue. They are celebrated 9 days before christmas from December the 16th to December the 24th. According to Dale Hoyt in the article Las posadas the posadas are also known as a novenario — nine days of religious observance based on the nine months that Maria carried Jesus in her womb. According to the article The significance And origin of the posadas there has been research that leads to the possibility that the posadas originated from san Agustin Acolman Mexico near the...
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