Portfolio Analysis

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Portfolio Analysis
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

The Stock had outperformed the market over the past 1month till 21 July 2010, gaining 4.60% while Sensex rose by 0.56%. It has putperformed the market in the pat one quarter too. Still holding the remaining 50 scrips as record date will be achieved towards the end of august and the price may touch 3000 approx. Had sold earler at a profit of 8.32%, after the company annouced record jump in sales for Jul 2010.

Purchased the Stock at 155.60 when it was rising owing to net profit rise of 11.20% in Jun 2010 quarter.Sold 40 of the stocks at a profit of 12.43%. Keeping the rest hoping to see further increase in price, as the 52Wk high was at 188.20.

The Stock is showing a decreasing trend. So it was sold when it could still generate profit, as its net profit delined to 2.55% in Jun 2010.

Though the Stock had declined at the announcement of the quarter ending June 2010, it was bought at 123.35 and was anticipated to rise. Sold 400 at 133.35, netting a profit of 8.1%.Held another 100 expecting to reach the 52 Wk high at 141.

Another public sector bank stock which has outperformed the market in the last month rising at 9.9% as well as in the quarter at 13.85%. It had surged 6.93% to Rs.2784 after posting strong quarter results. It is considered as an underperformer with a target of 2695 as of 16/08/2010. 50 scrips were sold at a neat profit of 8.13% on 10/08/2010 and then next 40 at a profit of 14.19%

India's larget drug maker by market capitalisation with a face value of Rs 5,Sun Pharma , with a P/E (33.26) greater than the industry(2272) always delivers good dividend(Div yield %= 0.78%).It is a good long term investment and has also generated short term returs too with a net profit of 1.4% in two weeks.

India's largest software exporter by sales has an equity capital of Rs 195.72 crore. Face value per share is Re 1. The stock had outperformed the market over the past one...
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