Pornography, Effects Against Women and Impact on Society

Topics: Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior Pages: 6 (1955 words) Published: April 30, 2013

From early years, the way we understood and expressed one another was though the physical connection. The desire for your selected partner was shown through sexual intercourse. It was represented differently across cultures and revealed a diverse message. It was a way to open doors for broader and more intimate communications, growth of feelings and attachment, respect and mutual agreement. Although this bond is still present, the world had evolved to something more powerful.

Sexual desires have changed across the life span to a wide known activity – pornography. To define pornography in own terms, it is the explicit display of public sexual matter that damaged the true meaning of sex and self, and is practiced by a wide range of population for sexual arousal. The popularization of pornography had branched out to a variety of media such as books, magazines, videos, films, advertisement and even video games. Now a day, this sexual explicit material had become virtually accessible to anyone, including young children. With a click of a button, internet became the newest and powerful media influence that allows free access to sexual material and explicit information. Pornography use is the single most significant feature used, which in return is measured by money. (Seidman, 2004) This industry is part of the largest revenue collection from day to day users, starting from sales of videos and magazines to internet and strip clubs. Pornography contradicts the sexual intimacy and privacy between two individuals. Beginning from soft porn where nudity modeling was key, to hard porn with violence and harsh animalistic activities, it has vastly grown to the society across the world.

There has been a very small amount of research dedicated to positive effects on pornography. Those studies (Weinberg, Williams, Kleiner & Irizarry, 2010; Hald, 2006; Hald & Malamuth, 2008), that do research positive impacts on behaviours and attitudes argue that frequency of exploring this field can lead to more liberal attitudes that include a better sex life and increased sexual experimentation with their partners. However, this review will focus and discuss on the research done on negative impact of pornography. It will touch on multiple diverse sections that include the increase patterns in pornography, gender differences, violence and mistreatment of women as well as sexual aggression and criminal sexuality that will touch on the cultivation theory. Also, this paper will emphasize on limitations of the studies such as lack of research methods, sampling techniques and the overall accuracy of self-reports and risk factors.

The first study that will be deconstructed is related to the increase patterns in pornography. This study addresses three specific aims. The first aim is to “document current patterns and context of pornography use in a non-clinical sample”. The second aim is to “establish the social and psychological correlation of pornography use”. The third aim is to “deepen clinical understanding of pornography habit and frequency use for heterosexual men”. (Seidman, 2004) Bringing your attention to a side note, the research does not aim to look at the person’s attitudes or effects towards pornography use, rather their behaviour and the frequency patterns of their own realization. (Seidman, 2004)

Aims 1 and 2 were pursued through survey data collected from male (n = 102) and female (n = 208) undergraduates. Aim 3 was pursued through qualitative analysis of interview data from 15 male, heterosexual, high-frequency pornography users. 

To take the worlds out of Kant’s mouth, sex is immoral and wrong. It is a carnival activity that is used for selfish purposes. We are using one another for own pleasure. Being moral requires that we treat people with respect and humanity. He believes that sex is only acceptable in a marriage because only then each joins as one person, creates equality and...
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