Population Is Increasing but Humanity Is Not

Topics: Islam, Muhammad, Qur'an Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: January 13, 2013
  The main message the prophet, Muhammad tried to convey to civilization is the existence of a God, this God, a supreme being like no other, the power and authority this being possesses measures to great heights and the respect given towards this omnipotent and omniscient originator is incomprehensible. The prophet Muhammad lived his life in the teachings of this omnipotent being. In my opinion, I believe that the mentality of people in our generation is increasing in objectiveness and scientific proof. Most people in society can not and will not believe in an idea, especially an idea as obscure one man, claiming he is the messenger of God. Religion requires faith and without this faith religion and the inspiration of the existence of a supreme being. 

People all over the world worship different supreme beings, if not at all, however, this are the fact that this being alters in different cultures. People world wide believe in different Gods and worship this God in different manners. All these religions contain conflicting beliefs and a state of mentality. If it wasn’t for the traditions, culture and values I have been raised with throughout my life I strongly doubt that I will believe or even be convinced by Islam. My up bringing has played an immense role on how to view religions. In fact, Islamic religion encourages the young and old to venture off and learn and study different religions. “To be a true Muslim, is to be acceptant to others, regardless of race, religion or culture”. (Abdul Akabar). By this the religion hopes of shelter faithful and strong believers. The people who are opened minded might change their belief or make alterations to their way of life, however, the people who do make the choice to stay within Islam come back with a stronger faith and appreciation for the religion. I myself, living in a non-Islamic country, have had a lot of experience being exposed to a multitude of religions; some I found were similar while others were hard to...
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