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  • Published: February 2, 2013
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Greenhouse Effect
A Research Paper Submitted to
Mr. Benedict M Geron
Department of English

Our Lady of Caysasay Academy
Taal, Batangas

In Partial Fullfillment
Of Requirements in
English and Communication Arts IV

Submitted by:
Joerene Angelo Aparri


Table of Contents :Pages
A. Literal Description
IV. Greenhouse Effect11
A.Gases in the Earth’s Atmosphere
1. Greenehouse gases
2.Non-greenhouse gases
3.Indirect radiative Effect
4.Contributions of cloud to earth’s atmosphere
B.Impact of a given gas on overall greenhouse effect
1. Proportion of direct Effects at a given moment
2.Atmosphere lifetime
3.Radiative forcing
4.Global Warming Potential
C.Effects of Greenhouse Effects
D. Causes of Greenhouse Effect
E.Actions to respond to Global Warming
V.Pioneer of the Science oof Greenhouse Effect25


Greenhouse Effect this topic interest me most because I would like to know what is happening to the Earth’s temperature and what are the causes, effect and on how to prevent it. As I do my research paper many things I discover on this topic. It also open my mind to love, to care, and to preserve our natural resources. As I do my research on this topic it is our duty and respondsibility to have a knowledge on whats going on on our mother Earth. Greenhouse effect are gases that are trapped on our atmosphere that that cause warming. This greenhouses gases is produce by us. This gases are made up of fossil fuels, gasoline, trahes that are being burned, factories and etc. If we don’t stop this who is the one who will take care of our natural resources? Where we will live if our mother Earth is dying? We should help each one of us to preserve out Mother Earth. That’s the reason why I love and interest this...
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