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Popular American Culture
Culture has many different ranges to its definition; through many artifacts, music, religion and social habits can culture be defined. Popular culture like culture has many different ingredients such as music, movies, perspectives and ideas that individuals interact within their everyday lives. Popular American culture or pop culture has three major trends which are religion, social and political; these three has played a major role in the influence of individuals within their lives. Pop American culture can affect personal decision making through controlling and reflecting an individual’s way of living, only in specific places and time of their lives. Culture/Pop culture

Culture can be defined as an innate development in an individual, from their time of birth until the individual adapt the actions and behaviors that has been portrayed by their community. Culture can also be defined as a system in which an individual is capable of building their own personal identity (Valsiner, 2009); for example a young girl from the Washitaw nation of dark skin people may have been raised to say yes mother or yes father instead of the American pop culture way of yes sir or yes ma ’me. Culture is how individuals interact with one another through a particular group or society, also through their beliefs, literature, behavior, thoughts, music, traditions, customs, and rituals, as well as language, and art. Individuals in their own culture may be raised or trained with a variety set of beliefs, attitudes and values; most of which are rooted deeply within the individuals and they may never question them. These culture ingredients can affect how an individual view or perceive messages (Valsiner, 2009). Pop culture or popular culture can be known or defined as common practices and knowledge of some group at a given time. Pop culture gives a shared ground as an important pervasive and visible level in a specific society. Mass culture also helps to identify...
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