Popular Sports in Russia

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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arCourse : Russian language and culture

Popular sports and famous athletes in Russia

Russia is the successor of the Soviet Union (USSR), which was the dominant Olympic team during the Soviet Era whereby, Russia SFSR was the largest nation in the Soviet Union with the main athletes of the Soviet team. Nowadays, Russia is one the most successful countries at a variety of sports and continuously ending in the top rankings (never below the third place since 1952) in number of medals and gold medals collected at the Olympic Games. Moreover, since 1994, Russia always finished in the top five ranking at the Paralympic Games. Top five popular sports in Russia Russia’s most popular sports include football (soccer), Ice hockey, basketball, volleyball and tennis. But these are not the only sports played in Russia; many other sports are played like handball, weightlifting, gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, and so on. But I will talk mainly about the most popular ones. One thing for sure Russia and America has in common is Football which is the most played sport in both countries, but football in Russia is soccer meanwhile football in America is American football. Russia’s football team was the first European Champion in the history of the game since 1960. Football fan in Russia are only interested mainly on the national team competing in the world cup and European championship, the Russian premier league and less important competitions like the Russian cup. During the Soviet Era, football was the number one sport and it is still the number one sport in Russia today. A very high proportion is interested in it to a certain extent and women join men when it comes to the national team. The Russian league (Russia’s main football championship) is regaining its former strength due to huge sponsorship deals and the league consist of 16 clubs whereby 4 clubs are from Moscow in the new season 2012-2013 (Spartak Moscow, Lokomotiv Moscow, CSKA Moscow,...
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