Popular Culture and Print Media

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  • Published : April 11, 2008
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Popular Culture and Print Media
Nancy Young
University of Phoenix
SOC / 105
March 14, 2008

Two of the oldest forms of advertising, would be print media, and word of mouth. There are several forms of print media advertising, such as newspaper and magazines. But these are not the only way advertizing is put into the public, there are many other successful ways ads can be thrown into the public eye, such as billboard adds, brochures put under an idivduals windsheild wipers, bus stop benches, and even ads on the buses. Everywhere a person may look, he or she will find some kind of media placement strategically placed to catch the attention of the spacific onlookers. The print media has been keeping the public informed of information consisting of the lives of human beings, mother nature, products and services, by extending the knowledge of a story or report across the nation. Some of the popular trends that have been propagated by the print media, which has grabed my attention, are food, health clubs and fashions. First let my start by examining the popular food trend. More americans are staying at home instead of dinning out. They prefer foods that are quick and easy and attempt to keep them healthy. Because indivduals are dinning grocery stores are seeing their sales escalate. The top 10 trends consist of: no-prep, meat and potoatoes, new-age dairy, culinary melting pot (ethinc foods), one-dish meals, suppers at home, bottled water, snack attacks, fruits and veggies, cooking oils and condiments. “When it comes to fats, Americans are choosing healthier options -- with nearly one-quarter using olive oil and canola oil.” (WebMD, 2003) Food is an important artifact of the popular American culture. The actions and attitudes of Americans effect the popular culture. “There has been an increasing trend in the United States toward consumerism, a trend that is reflected in more people eating away from home;...