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Michael DiNapoliMay 1, 2013
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In this scientific experiment and in my research through five different brands being tested that Act II of stovetop popcorn kernels is the best brand based on its popped volume and taste. I chose this experiment because even though it is not the healthiest of snacks out there it is one of my favorites and I eat it almost everyday so I might as well get to know it a little better and do an experiment with it. I am very interested in which brands have a better quality of kernels and the many different tastes that come with them too. Cooking popcorn in the microwave isn’t as much fun as it is on the stove too, I enjoy when it pops out of the pot and I always try to time it right to see when they start popping and it is also helpful to know which brands pop faster and how and why they do based on their color, or size, or the temperature they are ready to pop at.

There are some questions I have asked myself in order to put together this whole experiment and my hypothesis. How does the color of some popcorns affect how long it takes them to cook or be popped and why the different colors affect them? Which brand could possibly be cooked the fastest and taste the best based on the same exact ingredients added to every different brand and cooked the same way? Which brand perhaps could be the healthiest one to eat rather then the worst one for you with the same ingredients added? Which brand gets the most kernels popped out of the batch cooked at the same exact time and temperature used in all experiments? Which brand of popcorn based of all variables of the brands comes out the best cooked due to the same procedures in each?

The brand that I think is the best brand based on its taste and volume is Act II brand without the comparison to the other brands based on the same experiment done to each. Each test subject will be done with the same amount of time and ingredients added to each procedure. The five brands of popcorn I will be using in this experiment are Pop secret(butter), Act II, Orville, Newman’s Own, and Jiffy Pop. The ingredients that will be used in this experiment are 3 tablespoons of canola oil, 1/3 cup of kernels, 1 3-quart pot with a lid, 2 tablespoons of butter that’s melted, and 2 teaspoons of salt. All of these will be added to each one of the popcorns specifically according to how the directions I followed and are all done the exact way.

The ways all of these popcorns are cooked are followed by this specific order of directions I used for them all. First you preheat the 3 tablespoons of oil in the pot on a medium temperature and add 3 kernels in and then cover the pan. When the three pop add the rest of the 1/3 popcorn, also add the 2 teaspoons of salt into the pot and cover it and remove it from the heat and count to 30.This method heats the oil to the right temperature then when you count to 30 it brings the kernels to a near popping temperature but they cannot fully pop yet because they need more heat. After the 30 seconds put the pot back on the heat and keep the lid a little ajar to keep the steam out and they should all be popping at about the same time, while popping add the 2 tablespoons of butter and shake gently to get it to mix around. Once popping slows to about 6 seconds between pops take off lid and dump the popcorn into a bowl and then count the kernels, taste the popcorn, and test the volume.

To do this scientific experiment I had a total of 10 tasters who do not eat kernels and 5 popcorn products used. Each of the tasters tasted each type of popcorn that was cooked equally, with equal additives. The very first popcorn I started with and made was the Pop secret (butter) popcorn. 3 out of 10 people preferred this popcorn because of the way it tastes and how it came out. One of my tasters said “it has a great popcorn flavor taste and was crunchy, but soft at the same time and it came out...
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