Poor Countries

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We are for it : We think rich countries should help poorer countries. First of all, we can help them for humanitarian reasons. In Fact, the harsh realities of some countries affected us and our duty is to help those who are not as lucky as we are. For instance, one out of seven people do not have access to clean water for drinking, cooking or washing... Whereas we, we tend to waste the water. What’s more, we have the chance to live in a rich country where we can be treated fairly. Secondly, we can help poorer countries for political reasons because it’s a way to control and influence these countries. In Fact, in this way, they depend on us. So, our country stretches its influence in the world, as is the case of the USA. And it makes our country worthwhile. Finally, we can help the poorer countries for economic reasons. It’s a good way to import or export goods more easily. For example they can import products which are rare in our country. This facilitates the exchanges between countries and above all this consolidates our economy. Ultimately, helping poorer countries consolidates rich countries, like France, by helping to develop poorer nations.

We are for it !
First because rich countries, like the USA, can give money to poor countries, and it's more intelligent than spend it for receptions. In fact this money can be used to build shools or hospitals: That way fewer people will be ill or illiterate, and the building of schools will lead to the development of countries and thanks to the children's education, jobs will be created. Furthermore, by helping poor countries, rich countries show solidarity and they make needy people's dreams come true because their living conditions improve . All these consequences will make the world a better place, full of equality and fraternity. Finally, we should not forget that we are really lucky to be born in the good side of the world. In fact, if we were Africans, we would like people to help us. In conclusion, we think that rich countries should help poorer countries.

We are for helping poor countries.
First of all, it's unfair that rich people should live in decent conditions whereas poorer ones are needy. Indeed, they didn't choose to be given birth in a poor country and they can't go away. A further reason is that we can't live as if nothing bad happened in the world. It's our duty to help them. Don't the government's feel guilty to exploit resources and populations of poor countries ? Then, rich countries should stop sending money to governments as they send cards : Send it to poor families instead because in most cases governments keep money to buy weapons. Moreover, if there were fewer weapons and fewer needy people, there would be fewer wars and conflicts. Now we will let you think about it !

I agree with this, an economic and material help can be useful to the poor countries which are victims of the famine and sickness but It's a short-term solution. In fact, the rich countries should help the poorer countries but it's an utopian idea to imagine our money never will be affected by political corruptions. Moreover, It's a paradoxical action to help them because the economic and political system impoverish these nations. I think the best solution is to change the exchange beetwen wealthy and needy countries, we can't continue to live in this system when so many people die because we have created inequalities. Actually, a lot of people answer yes to this poll but they will never do anything especially to solve the problems except listening to Bono speeches and music. It's simply to have a clear conscience.

Of course wealthy countries should offer aid to poorer ones. In most cases, the countries that are now wealthy, through their colonial empires, played a part in messing up developing countries in the first place, drawing artificial border lines, for example, which did not correspond with the natural contours of areas controlled by different groups within the...
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