Polystyrene and Styrofoam

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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Styrofoam is one of the popular terms talked about in the world regarding environment and human society issues. People from all over the world have been using Styrofoam in their different ways and means. They crafted it into Styrofoam cups, Styrofoam food packages, floating docks, coolers, carton liners, and for roof insulation. We have also seen how Styrofoam was used in selling ice candies or even hot pandesal in the street, in making shapes like the spherical golf ball, and insides of boxes when we buy TVs, music players, computer units, or kitchen wares. Styrofoam is everywhere--- at home, in school canteens, fast food chains, factories, offices, shipping ports, buildings and manufacturing companies. Every time you’ll eat Jolly Spaghetti or even drink hot or cold water in water dispensers, we can see Styrofoam. But did you ever know that the term “Styrofoam” is a proper noun? It is the trademark of Dow Chemical Company for their invention of a closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam , or Styrofoam, used for craft and construction applications, packaging, and thermal insulation. However, in some countries, the term styrofoam is used as a generic term for expanded polystyrene expanded foam.

Styrofoam has a number of purposes in the human world. It is because of its distinctive characteristics, properties and features in its content making it as useful as possible. Since it has insulating properties and buoyancy, it is used in life rafts. Because of its properties, it can be easily shaped and made ready for arts and crafting. Styrofoam is also made available in sheets, blocks and in various shapes suitable in making crafts. One of the unique characteristics of styrofoam is that it take up 500 years to fully degenerate or breakdown.

This is why styrofoam or extended polysyterene foam is harmful to the environment. It does not DECAY easily and it can take years to disintegrate. If we used one styrofoam cup this day, it would last longer in Earth than we do....
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