Polo Ralph Lauren Advertising

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Buying fundamentals

29 November 2011

Advertising and promotion

I found an Ralph Lauren black label ad on the GQ magazine of the October issue, my perception of this image is that Ralph Lauren who also is the retailer wants to focus on their custom made leather jacket. The diversification Black Label is one of Ralph Laurens custom made lines along with purple label. This ad feels good and appealing even if it is very simple, Ralph Lauren black label always use this model and the same layout for their ads. Ralph Lauren is known for not only selling garments but also a lifestyle and that’s is exactly what this image shows, a confident guy wearing this amazing leather jacket with some dress pants. The ad is for the fall collection, which matches with the colors of the garments.

As I just mentioned this layout design is very typical for Ralph Lauren Black Label, I did some research and all the way back in 2007 when this line started they have been using the exact same model (Nacho Figureas) and layout. I think that this layout works very well for Ralph Lauren since they show their brand image and the ones who are loyal to the brand like it, including myself. This layout also shows the garments very well and you don’t get disturbed by props or other things that might be on an ad. I feel that it is good that the garments come in first place, the headline which is the official font for Ralph Lauren comes in second since the model stands in front of the headline but just enough so the customers can read and understand that it is Ralph Lauren. All this elements mixed together enhance to maximize the profits and invites customer to visit their store to see what more Ralph Lauren has to offer form that collection.

I don’t feel that there is any co-op dollars in this ad, Ralph Lauren is such a big and world known brand that they pay for all their advertising. I would change much in this ad since I feel it would crash their whole idea about the...
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