Pollution: People's Republic of China and Reusable Bag

Topics: People's Republic of China, 2008 Summer Olympics, Pollution Pages: 1 (456 words) Published: April 8, 2013
What if every day you woke up and when you looked out the window, you couldn’t see a thing? In some cities in China there is so much smog, you can’t see a thing! Air pollution is one of the worst problems in China. Benxi, an industrial town in northeastern China, is so polluted that once, a satellite couldn’t take a picture of it because of the smog. A poll taken before the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics said that 74 percent of the Chinese people said that they were concerned about air pollution. China needs to stop pollution-and fast! China’s air pollution is caused by matter particles called PM10. They are caused by burning fossil fuels, such as oil and coal. China gets 80 percent of its electricity and 70 percent of all energy from coal. Coal is China’s number 1 source of pollution. About 6 million tons of coal is burned everyday in all of China. The World Bank says that 16 out of the 20 most polluted cities are in China. The top ten most polluted cities in China are Linfen, Yangquan, Datong, Shizuishan, Sanmenxia, Jinchang, Shijiazhuang, Xianyang, Zhuzhou, and Luoyang. According to the Chinese government, about one-fifth of China’s urban population breathes heavily polluted air. The World Bank also says that China is one of the few countries that manage to reduce air pollution and water pollution. China is rapidly increasing the forest cover too. I think a good way to fix this problem would be to have all people in China be more eco-friendly. For example, you could reduce your waste, use re-usable bags, and spread the word! Being eco-friendly is easy to do. Chinese stores could sell reusable bags for groceries, or other products. They could even offer a discount for using a reusable bag. Another great thing about being eco-friendly is that it’s very easy to do! It’s not too hard to throw away trash in a trash can, not the ground, is it? Is it that hard to recycle things, or to buy a reusable bag and use it? No! It is very easy! Despite all of the good things...
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