Political Violence

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Violence in Politics:2
1.Political violence in Pakistan:3
1.1.3.Social Injustice:5
1.3.Trends of rising political violence in Pakistan:8


In society when one person thinks of violence, one usually thinks of individual acts of violence. These types of violence are the kinds of violence most people fear, which causes us to lock our doors at night. But this is not the only kind of violence we are faced with. In today’s society or the 21 centaury which everyone would like to call it, we are faced with a more treating type of violence. “This type of violence is done by groups of people to advance or impede the goal of a social change” (Barkan vii). This type of violence goes by many titles, such as collective violence or political violence. In any society the most familiar type of violence is war. This topic was talked about extensively in class though the use of the book On Killing. But besides war, there are many other characteristics that feed into political violence, such as cults, hate groups, terrorists, police and revolutionaries.

Violence is in human nature. Man always wants to rule its kind and when he can’t do it peacefully, he uses harsh means like Violence. All he wants is to rule the poor and helpless people of his kind. Treats them like slaves.”Political Violence”…

Violence in Politics:

With due reverences, I would like to draw your kind attention about a very serious problem i.e. violence in politics. Political Violence is a common means used by people and governments around the world to achieve political goals. Many groups and individuals believe that their political systems will never respond to their political demands. As a result they believe that violence is not only justified but also necessary in order to achieve their political objectives. By the same token, many governments around the world believe they need to use violence in order to intimidate their populace into acquiescence. At other times, governments use force in order to defend their country from outside invasion or other threats of force. Political violence is used by citizens, groups or governments in different contexts. Another context of political violence occurs when the military or some other organized group seize control of the government in their country. Coups d'état happen frequently in some countries, and they may involve much bloodshed but sometimes occur without serious injuries or loss of life. For example, the military staged a coup in Pakistan in October 1999 without significant injuries occurring. Pakistanis have lived under military rule for about half of the 64 years since it gained independence.

Political violence in Pakistan:

1 Causes:

Following are the causes of violence in Pakistan.

4. Inequality.

5. Illiteracy.

6. Social Injustice.

7. Poverty.

8. Intolerance.

9. Media.


Figure 1

1 Inequality:

Inequality is a basic cause of Political violence. In Pakistan people don’t get their rights due to social injustice and many other reasons like corruption. People belonging to strong political background deprive poor people of their rights. Not only their rights but also of their basic needs. This inequality is in the roots of Pakistani system.

Unequal distribution of resources between different departments, for example, a lot is spent on defense department.

Inequality in Pakistan has been widened since the year 2008. The present government has failed to do justice with all the departments thus the inequality has been broadened to a larger extend. Many sectors are suffering from it.

2 Illiteracy:

Literacy rate in Pakistan is...
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