Political Science Essay

Topics: Law, Politics, Education Pages: 3 (359 words) Published: September 29, 2011
Given the continued changes shaping society today, it is essential

for professionals involved in the practice of politic sciences to continuously

seek out to expand their skills and horizons in practice. This can be made via

the creation of further educational opportunities that not only seeks to rearm

the knowledge and expertise in the field of politics but also function towards

taking advantage of training on the field and relevance of political science.

Coming from Albania, I had realized when I came to the United

States the importance of further improving my practice. The standards that

have been set in my country only correspond to a particular position here.

That is why to help me further practice my craft and specialization, I need to

expand my capability and generate a dynamic avenue for my profession.

Seeing this, it understands the nature of political science that best suits

my capability and infuses the stimulus to learn for my part.

From what I have seen, the study of politics cannot be divorced

from real life, nor understood out of context. I look forward to the

opportunities to study in depth level, independently but with the guidance of

experts. Brooklyn College University offers Political Science and

International Affairs. The word “international” got my attention due to the

fact that I have always been interested in traveling and learning languages. I

already spoke English, Italian and some Spanish.

Since politics is the scope of my interest I realized that in a future

there are possibilities that I could represent my country in counsels or

embassies; or represent my country in intergovernmental organizations such

as the United Nations, or a specific cause in nongovernmental organizations.

The decision to choose this Masters Degree in political science has

always been influenced...
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