Political Leaders on International Scene

Topics: George W. Bush, United States, Barack Obama Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Political leaders on the international scene.

Nowadays, politics is an extremely ubiquitous and controversial subject. It is present almost everywhere starting with the news, television programmes and ending with a family dinner in the privacy of our homes. Whether we like it or not, politics permanently leaves a mark on people’s lives. After all, it would mean nothing without its representatives. Throughout the history, there were many famous political figures, all of whom had a significant impact on creating governments and rules system. Even in ancient times, philosophers were delivering speeches and writing works where they comprised their ideas about improvement of politics and everyday life of citizens. One of them was greek philosopher –Aristotle who wrote “Politics”. In his work, not only he gathered all of the remarkable insights about greek’s political system, but also implied that : “(…)leadership is not just learning a body of theoretical knowledge – episteme – and not merely captured by replicable skills – techné – but rather something including practical wisdom – phronesis.” (Grint2007:4).There is no doubt that leadership is not easy and that a good leader should be characterized with various virtues. His or her actions should be visible all around the world, on international scale. However, there are politicians such as Tony Blair, Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin whose international presence can be clearly seen and cannot be omitted. First of all, one of the most recognizable political figures, not only in Britain is definitely former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom -Tony Blair. Although his term of office ended in 2007, he made a lot of significant decisions and influenced a political life of many people. “In 1997, Tony Blair won the biggest Labour victory in history to sweep the party to power and end 18 years of Conservative government. He has been one of the most dynamic leaders of modern times; few British prime...
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