Political Economy - Philippines

Topics: Capitalism, Economics, Adam Smith Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: May 29, 2008
Political Economy

Economics, in its most general sense, is the science of scarcity. It deals with the allocation and distribution of limited resources to the economic elements concerned. The distribution of these resources is however a complex process involving supply and demand. The trade of goods and services is manifest in the market. Thus, the market is an essential part of the society. The society can hardly function without a market where the demands of the people, from the most basic necessities to luxury, are generally sufficed. Expansion of the market is a goal of a lot of economies. The market is a determinant of the quality and the stability of the economy, and the economy is the society’s most physical and concrete basis of its progress and wealth. Most of the economic giants of the world are capitalist countries characterized by large corporations producing and distributing capital goods for a profit. Private interests drive capitalism but as what Adam Smith described, private interests ultimately lead to the public welfare by what he called the invisible hand. This is an ideal scenario in the free market. However, minimal intervention of government in the market is still advantageous for the nation, as long as the main intention leans toward the benefit of the society. Most, if not all of the countries in the world allow their government to interfere with the market, giving the government power to manipulate the economy.

The ability to influence the economy is indeed a great responsibility, but most of the time, it is seen as a privilege that is very hard to pass. This is clearly shown in the movie Fahrenheit 9/11. The movie shows how George W. Bush used his political position to gain an upper hand in his economic status. It presents how his private interests negatively affected the public that eventually led to hostilities where a lot of people suffered.

The social life of the people is greatly defined by their economic status. We can...
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