Political Dimension in Technological Institute of the Philippines

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  • Published : October 3, 2011
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The peace, order and systematic control of a particular social community are contingent with the power and authority of the bona fide individuals. This social relation involving authority and power is commonly known as politics. Politics is found everywhere, near and far, high and low. This presence is essential; from government to smaller communities like business organizations and schools, and even at home. Politics is indeed important especially for achieving long term and short term goals. It is the reason why Technological Institute of the Philippines or simply TIP follows a systematic, peaceful and progressive form of Political Dimension.

One thing I salute about TIP is the system it has in enforcing its rules and regulations. Tip is an autonomous institution that established numerous laws and regulations in order to observe professionalism among professors, cleanliness and order inside the campus, and discipline for all students. All of these are possible because of the hard work and enthusiasm of the leaders we have on the said campus. These are leaders who lead the entire campus in a path where its end is nothing but betterment and triumphs. These leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary responsibility, and that is, to bring high quality management to take over the institution. It is in fact a serious matter because the dignity and the denomination of the school rely on these leaders. It is the main reason why the voting system or the selection of the bona fide people is a notable one.

The voting system of officers and presidents in TIP is advance and very much reliable. A great example of this is the campaign and the election of CBE Department Student Government (DSG) officers held last semester. The campaign happened peacefully. They performed different techniques just to grab the attention of all CBE students. Some had their room-to-room campaign while the other party distributed large number of fliers. The faces of each running candidates...
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