Political Culture and It's Changes Within the Caribbean

Topics: Caribbean, Jamaica, West Indies Federation Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: May 4, 2011
Political Culture and its changes within the Caribbean

Political culture: refers to the collection of political beliefs values, practices, and institutions that the government is based on. Political culture may be analyzed in terms of social capital. Social capital: the amount of reciprocity and trust between citizens and between the state. More social capital usually means democratic. The number and depth of disagreements among citizens within a society forms the basis for dividing political culture into two types: consensual and conflictual. • Consensual political culture: citizens tend to agree on how decisions are made, what issues need fixing, and how problems should be solved (for example, citizens think elections are good and accept their outcomes). In short, consensual political culture accepts both the legitimacy of the regime and solutions to major problems. • Conflictual political culture: citizens are sharply divided. Examples include communism vs. capitalism or extremely prominent religious differences. Changes of Political Culture in the Caribbean

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It is imperative that people have an appreciation of the history of political culture in Jamaica. Many of these problems are political matters in that different people, and different political parties, have different views about their solution. Today in most West Indian territories, people are being asked to support one view or another when they have attained the age of 18 years and are able to vote in elections. There is clear political implication when making a choice between one view and another. The knowledge of Caribbean geography is of considerable value when analyzing the political culture of the Caribbean, Political history has help with problems facing the island. If you are considering a problem facing the territory in which you live, you will need to know (a) how the problem originated, (b)...
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