Political Cartoon Analysis

Topics: Egypt, Currency, Dollar Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Khaled Khaled

Morsi's Unfairness

What is the most attractive thing you can find in a newspaper? I guess your answer might be the political cartoon in the last page! Lots of people find that the most interesting and eye-catching part of a newspaper is the political cartoon which sums up all the words in a simple picture which might give more than a whole article would. ―according to Jonathan Burack "Political cartoons are vivid primary sources that offer intriguing and entertaining insights into the public mood, the underlying cultural assumptions of an age, and attitudes toward key events or trends of the times"(Lawate,2). Never has this quote been more true than it is today in Egypt for the wealth of visual rhetoric there is so much out there because the situation in Egypt has so much to comment on whether it is politically, socially, or economically. Through the use of pathos and persuasive techniques such as irony as exaggeration , the cartoonist, Latuff, is trying to point out the indifference of the Egyptian president towards his country while he is giving more care to Palestine . since the start of Morsi's reign, he has been criticized for trying to help Palestine rather than focusing on the problems of his country. (Lawate, Importance of a political cartoon in a newspaper,2) The cartoon has an interesting visual, two main characters; one is filling up a police car and the other is trying to fill up an ambulance. The objects I see in the cartoon are two characters in a gas station, one with a police car and the other with an ambulance. They are both refueling their cars but the ambulance man found out that the machine he is using is broken and unavailable. And above the fueling machine there is the currency sign they are using which is the dollar sign. The character that is fueling the police car is the president of Egypt and is wearing a suit with colors matching the colors of the Palestinian flag. As an Egyptian, it's difficult not to get...
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