Political Beliefs

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Crime, Marriage Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Background: During the 1990’s, the abortion act was completely banned in the United States, but women were still doing it. Due to technology, back in the days the procedure of abortion was a lot more risky and unsafe than it is today. Abortion then became legal in 1973, and thanks to the increasing knowledge of technology, the procedure can run more smoothly. The amount of women giving abortion is growing day by day. Women who go through the abortion process tend to have higher health risks in life and have a harder time having kids in the future. Beliefs: Yes, the abortion procedure might be risky and cause many health risks, but at times it may be the only choice. My political party recognizes the different beliefs that people may have, so therefore it doesn’t pick a side. No I am not stating that I am for abortion, but I am not against it either. Sometimes life can be really tough on us, and leave us with abortion as our only choice. Those who are young and are not prepared for the difficulty that has been thrown their way should not have to suffer because of one mistake they made. As we all know, the rape victims are increasing every day. Those who are victims of rape wouldn’t be mentally or physically prepared to take care of a newborn child. Women can decide on their own if they want and are mentally and physically prepared to have a baby. Background: Many parents, college professors, and college presidents believe that the countries drinking age should be lowered down to eighteen. 72% of adults think that lowering the drinking age down to 18 will make drinkers more responsible and in control of themselves at an earlier age. This 72% of adults also thinks that this would make alcohol more accessible for those and completely stop the binge drinking. A special neurotoxin research shows and explains that drinking before age 21 has many harmful effects like academic failure, function of brain, and many disorders. Beliefs: My political party agrees with those...
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