Polish Christmas

Topics: Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas carol Pages: 3 (586 words) Published: January 8, 2013
|Polish Christmas Tradition | |  | |The preparations for Christmas begin many days before the actual celebration. People are cleaning windows and houses before Christmas. It is believed that if a| |house is dirty on Christmas Eve, it will remain dirty all next year. | | | |Only a white Christmas is considered a real Christmas; therefore, everybody is happy when there is fresh snow outside. | | It is also believed that animals can speak with a human voice on midnight 24th of December. | |  | |Christmas Eve is the most important day for all Polish people. Traditionally, the Christmas tree should be decorated on the Wigilia. | |On Christmas Eve the Straw is put under white tablecloth-a reminder of Christ’s birth in a stable.  | |In Poland, an additional seat is kept for somebody unknown at the supper table. No one should be left alone at Christmas, so strangers are welcomed to the | |Christmas supper. This is to remind us that Mary and Joseph were also looking for shelter. | | After sunset, the youngest child is sent to watch...
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