Policing Robert Peel

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A Banking crisis can be defined as that time when multiple bank customers withdraw their savings out of fear that the bank might collapse or due to lack of trust with the bank. This situation is termed as bank runs. When banking crisis frequently happen in a given country, it results to a financial crisis and consequently a country enters a recession. The country experiences large nonperforming loans and a reduction in banking capital systems. In the long run, the crisis extends to other countries especially those with business contracts with the particular countries. The banking crisis has been witnessed all over the world but lately, the European Union’s Southern regions have been experiencing more of it especially with the rise and fall of the euro currency. The euro currency had sharply fallen and government debts increased with countries like Ireland and Portugal having above 100% debt levels. The banking crisis in the Southern European countries has directed the great recession in 2011 and 2012. The banking crisis has raised a lot of questions with investors pulling out and Greece threatening to cease using the euro currency. Causes and solutions for the increasing banking crisis are being highlighted with investors and bank clients hoping that these trends of financial /banking crisis will come to a stop in the near future. European Union’s Southern regions have been largely affected by the banking and financial crisis more than other regions but the effects have gone up to the other nations since Europe holds the largest word’s economy; Asia and United States are among those affected by the financial crisis. The growing banking crisis can be derived from several issues among them; the origin monetary integration of Europe. This was a project that formulated a currency and monetary policies that were to be used by 12 nations (Austria, Spain, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal,...
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