Police Under Cover Work

Topics: Police, Crime, Undercover Pages: 3 (708 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Police Undercover Work
In Middle & High Schools
Derrick Smalls
English Composition 102
Ms. Tanya Klatt
September 29, 2010

The importance of having undercover police officers’ in today’s society plays a big part when apprehending criminals and getting a conviction. In this paper I will discuss the Theory, the early stages, the training, the middle stages, the late stages, the selection Process and how to avoid being made. I, took the following method to search and retrieve information for police undercover work, by taking the following steps. 1. Grantham Resources

2. Grantham University Library Resource
3. Search “Disruptive Police Officers”.
4. Selected the title “Police Undercover Work”.
As time goes by the undercover police officer will achieve his goal and have criminals arrested and crimes in middle and high schools will diminished. The undercover policeman will end his assignment, by being burnout, or his cover is blown.

Police Undercover Work
Middle & High Schools
Police officers in uniformed may be assigned to perform any type of work within the police department while they are in uniform, but the one job assignment that a police uniform is not needed is working undercover. The need for undercover policeman in our schools has grown throughout years. Today in the economy, middle and high schools have basically become a breathing ground for criminals to conduct their business transactions. Ranging from gang violence, drugs, theft, assault, aggravated assaults, sexual assaults, and some cases murder. With the resources that schools administrations have available, an undercover agent may be put in place at the school without anyone knowing to include the staff. Parents need to understand anything and everything will be done to protect the students and staff while attending school. This is a very serious matter; we have students...
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