Police History

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Police History
Matthew Rico
April 15, 2013
Damien Torres

Police History
Sir Robert Peel
British Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel is responsible for the development of the modern concept of the policing system in the 1800s. The first American police officers deployed on foot with no special training, tactics, policies or procedures, and had minimal education. American policing is a direct reflection of English heritage. Peel and some of the greatest minds of the 1800s developed the Metropolitan Police Act that passed by Parliament in 1829. The Police Act heard scrutiny and criticism. “The uniformed constables embodied a new style of policing in contrast to the small and disorganized parish forces of the 18th century” (Police, Prisons, And Penal Reform, 2013). 

Peel feared an autocratic society and developed nine policing principles for the London police. Peel’s principles consisted of clear directive, and ensured Parliament the London Metropolitan Police Force meant to protect the public cruel and overwhelming characteristics of the military. Nevertheless, Parliament feared the possible threat of a military like police force may have over society, and passed the act. Parliament mandated the Metropolitan Police under high discipline, standards, and conduct. Avoiding misconduct and dishonesty the police used techniques such as employing individual’s form outside the city. Peel’s nine principles along with severe scrutiny established democratic and effective policing structure observed today. The American policing originally started with similarities as the British using only two of nine policing principles: military structure and beat patrol. American policing system primary objective’s were preventive patrol and deter criminal activity, whereas British policing system focused on clear established goals set by Peel, such as preventing crimes. American state, county, and local policing systems did not have objectives and guidelines for officers to...
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