Pohutukawa Tree

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In the play The Pohutukawa Tree, written by Bruce Mason, an important relationship was the relationship between Aroha Mataira and her mislead daughter Queenie Mataira. Throughout the play the relationship between these two main characters is a cause of constant conflict. The conflict is shown through the lack of a mother-daughter relationship, followed by Queenie falling pregnant and being sent away for good. This conflict helped me learn that firstly, even the closest family members can turn against each other. Secondly, it can be extremely dangerous not to listen to parental life advice, and lastly that family is much more important than individual reputation.

In the play The Pohutukawa Tree the relationship between Aroha and Queenie Mataira is a constant battle of wills shown through the extreme lack of an intimate mother-daughter relationship. Queenie, a young Maori woman, who has a habit of thinking she knows what is best. “I don’t care what you think, it’s my life,” Queenie says to Aroha as they talk about Queenies future with her boyfriend Roy McDowell. Queenie ignores her mother’s wise word of “Give em a wide berth” and instead disobeys Aroha completely. This taught me that even the closest family members can turn against each other when they do not look eye to eye on certain aspects in life. This causes their relationship to suffer majorly throughout the play.

As the play The Pohutukawa Tree continues, the relationship between Aroha and Queenie Mataira starts falling to pieces. Queenie soon later realises that she is pregnant, resulting in Queenie having to stand in front of her mother Aroha, telling her the bitter truth. This shatters their unique relationship completely, which could have all easily been avoided if Queenie listened to Aroha’s wise words of “give em a wide berth.” This helped me learn that it can be very dangerous not to listen to parent’s advice, especially because they have way more knowledge and experience than us kids. As...
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