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Kevin Amaya3/29/13
English poetry paper

Poetry is the true expression of one’s inner feelings and mood. One can truly express themselves and explain their feelings in poetry and that is why it is such a famous method of writing. No poem is exactly the same but it is possible for a poem to share the same theme as another. Whether the general topic is different and the circumstances are different, a theme is always constant. It is like comparing feelings with someone else and sharing some aspects of life with someone. That is why comparison of poetry is usually done, to see how two different people could be so similar. I never once figured that a poem about war, and a poem about a flower shop could be related in any way shape or form. However it was The Florist’s at midnight by Sarah Maguire, and Alone by John Fairfax that showed me something I never expected.

John Fairfax wrote a poem called Alone, and in this poem it explains how a young soldier is experiencing war and realizing how scary war it. The war was scary because of how “alone” he felt, and how scared he was and how he really had no one to be there for him. This theme of being lonely , or being lonesome is what really hurt the soldier as he felt the bombs dropping and the explosions all over. The soldier was cut so deep not from his injuries but from the fact that he was alone. Loneliness is something that everyone in this world fears, no one ever wants to live this life alone, whether temporary or permanent. This poem truly reflects one’s most inner fears and insecurities while intensifying it because of the fears of war. It’s scary enough to be alone, but being alone in war is something that could really break even the strongest of men.

The second poem is about someone’s experience in a florist shop and how lonely it gets at midnight. They describe their atmosphere and surroundings as the flowers that surround her. She seems to be interested in flowers and loves her job, but once...
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